Rachel Liberatore

NC Realtor & Commercial Broker at The SouthStone Group, Inc.

  • Service Areas: North Carolina
  • Specialties: Commercial

About Rachel Liberatore

Rachel was born and raised in San Diego, California, and always had a passion for helping others. From being a manager on her high school lacrosse team, to her philanthropic work with various non-profit organizations in the US and Mexico, Rachel has always enjoyed helping others while putting a smile on their face.

Rachel took a college scholarship opportunity in Morgantown, West Virginia. She soon realized the shift of culture was a bit extreme and wanted to find a place with a happy medium between the two great cities. Hoping to land somewhere with both the southern charm she experienced in West Virginia, coupled with the glam of her west coast roots she landed here in The Queen City where she was pleased to find both.

From a young age, Rachel has always loved and been intrigued by real estate. She has always had intentions of obtaining her real estate license after earning her degree. During the pandemic Rachel utilized the extra free time inside to dive into her passion and launched her real estate career. With her vibrant and hungry personality, she has excelled and fallen deeply passionate about commercial real estate

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